High Quality Plastic Mould Tools | Mould Design

High Quality Plastic Mould Tools | Mould Design

Source for Plastic mould tools and Mould Tool design Services

Liondell supplies high quality- low cost plastic mould tools and related plastic moulding services, including product and tool design with total Project Management

With over 30 years experience in the injection moulding industry around the world, we strive to provide the excellent service that the client demands, with confidence that a job well done will lead to another.

Plastic Mould Tools – Complete Service

We have the resources to handle any project large or small. Continued re-investment in people and the latest manufacturing and inspection technology ensures that we are always staying ahead of the competition.

The service we provide is costed to include full part and tool sign-off and delivery to your facility on a DDP basis. If a client prefers to arrange their own transport, then we can accommodate this also.

Not every project requires the same type of tooling, so depending on the requirements we tailor our services to provide exactly what the clients wants. Main scenarios are:

High Volume fully hardened tooling with 1,000,000 shot warranty.

Multi drop hot runner systems
Spare Inserts

Low volume Aluminium or P20 with fixed life warranty

Mechanical or Hand Loaded

2k or overmould tools

Fully Auto or Hand Loaded

We will provide the most cost effective solution for your plastic mould tools and moulding requirements.In the unlikely event that there are warranty issues, we have a network of approved UK toolmakers that will attend the clients facility to assess and arrange repairs on an urgent basis.With upfront local technical support, we can get the clients parts from design into GA approval and manufacture quickly but in a controlled method. With experience in managing hundreds of projects through Far Eastern suppliers we have tried and proven methods of operation which are laid down in a master timing plan on receipt of order.

Example of Liondell Project Management Method

Contract Tool Design Services

As a separate part of the business, we produce Plastic Mould Tool Designs to clients specifications.

See separate Consultancy Services page.

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