plastic mould tools and mouldings from far east tooling

plastic mould tools and mouldings from far east tooling

Liondell supports the UK Plastic moulding industry with high quality Far East, plastic mould tools and mouldings

Far East tooling is highly competitive and we believe will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Mold making in China is buoyant with many tooling suppliers large (200-500 workers) and small (20 – 200 workers).

Some clients will purchase direct and may have their own management presence on the ground. However, for the majority of clients it is not always feasible or cost-effective to implement their own dedicated tooling management team. A client may designate an individual project manager  who may fill this role, but it is time consuming with many trips overseas.

Upfront ‘No-Obligation’ Costings – Free Tool Design Concept

  • Plastic Injection Mould Tooling Quotation within 24 hours Guaranteed!
  • Concept design for Plastic Moulds
  • Moldflow and initial DFM feasibility reports with your quotes.

Dedicated Project Management of your plastic moulding or tooling projects

  • The Managing Director of Liondell has over 30 Years of experience in the toolmaking and Plastics and Rubber moulding industry.
  • Detailed GA review process and project management systems that are better than the industry average.
  • Over 700 Plastics Moulds have been managed from start to completion using Chinese tooling sources.
  • Experienced in Selection of Chinese Mold suppliers.
  • Liondell have a long-term cooperation agreement with specific trusted suppliers and therefore have the confidence of supply stability going forward.
  • Dedicated ‘on-the-ground’ support in China for Mold Tool Progress reports, Mold Tool Trial Reports and Raw Material Coordination.
  • Bespoke database technology that allows Liondell to focus on the technical rather than the administration aspects of your moulding or tooling project.

Liondell will take on your tooling project and managing it from start to finish in a methodical and efficient way. 

See Below slides which demonstrate a typical ‘hardened steel’ tooling project.







Total Project management would typically involve:

Initial Client Liaison
  • Establish Master Timing Plan inclusive of Raw Material Supply, GA Review Process, Tool Manufacture and Maturation Stages.
Project Action – critical path
  • Coordination of material that would be used for mouldings from far east tooling (China)
  • Capacity Planning for all resources.
Tool design (mould design) including:
  • Specification of plastic moulds / mold and Injection moulding machine (s) to be used
  • Feasibility studies i.e. DFM (design for manufacture analysis)
  • Moldflow analysis
  • GA Reviews with clients and toolmakers
Tool Build and Moulding Trial Management
  • Weekly progress updates in the form of MS project plans and Photo progress reports
  • Coordination of injection moulding trials from far east tooling including shipping of material.
  • Tool Trial reporting / mould tool and process troubleshooting if required.
  • Moulded part despatch to UK including supervision of correct packing specifications.
  • Corrective action PFU reporting
  • ISIR / PPAP reporting
Maturation to T3 or Tool Shipping stage
  • Further tool trials
  • Mould Tool checking a preparation prior to shipping / air freight
  • Import to UK
  • Further pre-delivery tool checking at a UK toolmaking company
  • Attend sign-off trials at clients facility of external plastic moulding facility


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