Liondell in China – Quality Tooling & Moulding

Liondell in China – Quality Tooling & Moulding

Toolmaking and Moulding Services from approved suppliers

We provide consistent quality, pricing levels and lead-times from familiar and trusted companies.

High qu
ality Plastic Mould Tools – Far East tooling


  • Certified Tool Steel Grades.
  • Genuine Standard Mould Components where specified.
  • Moldflow and DFM analysis for each Mould Tool before steel cutting.
  • Each Mould Tool is fully checked at least twice before delivery.
    1. Pre-despatch Mould Tool checks in China with photo based report comparing clients Mould Tool Specifications to the actual.
    2. Pre-delivery Mould Tool checks in the UK to make sure that the Mouldings produced are acceptable first time.
  • Shot & Lifetime Warranties supplied.


Hybrid inserts for fitting into standard bolster sets 


This option can be used for repairs, modifications or new tooling where the mould base is made in the UK.

  • A total service is offered for this including fitting and initial UK Mould Tool trial if required.
  • Mould Tool Bolsters could be custom or standard (DME, Hasco, Meusburger etc.) in the UK.
  • The key benefits for the client are that all Moulding trials can be completed in the UK and ‘complete mould tool’ transportation costs are avoided.


Quality Moulded product from short pre-production runs, to long running moulding contracts


  • Quality Chinese tooling to import or to stay in China for part production.

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