Liondell supports the global plastics industry with precise plastic moulds, moulding services with a dedicated project manager.

  • The global tooling and plastic moulding industry is highly competitive. Mould making in the UK and overseas is a vibrant trade with many tooling suppliers large and small.
  • Larger companies may purchase direct and sometimes have their own management presence on the ground. However, for the majority of clients it is not always feasible or cost-effective to implement their own dedicated tooling management team. A client may designate an individual project manager  who may fill this role, but it is time consuming with many trips overseas.
  • Liondell’s experience of mould design and manufacture means that we can select the right tooling source for the clients requirements and manage the whole project from start to finish. For Example: Automotive or Medical related products would typically require precise moulds, so we would recommend and obtain quotations from this type of supplier. These suppliers may be located in Far East, Europe or the UK. Other clients may not want tooling that will last for a guaranteed 1,000,000 shots, and may specify Pre-hardened steels or Aluminium mould inserts or plates. if this is the case, we have suitable suppliers in the above regions and also in India.
  • We will provide mould warranties dependent of the application and/or the clients specifications.

‘No-Obligation’ plastic moulds or moulding quotes and initial moulds design concepts

  • Plastic Injection Mould Tooling Quotation within 24 hours Guaranteed!
  • When pre-sourced and a project, we provide concept designs for Plastics Moulds | Molds, Moldflow and DFM (Design for Manufacture) reports.

Dedicated project manager for of your plastic moulds or plastic moulding project

  • The Managing Director of Liondell has over 30 Years of experience in the toolmaking and Plastics and Rubber moulding industry.
  • Detailed GA review process and project management systems are used, with the client kept informed of progress on a regular basis.
  • Over 700 Plastics Moulds | Molds have been managed from start to completion using overseas tooling sources.
  • Experienced in Selection of overseas Mould | Mold suppliers.
  • Liondell have a network of approved and trusted suppliers and have the confidence of supply stability going forward.
  • A bespoke, CRM type database helps Liondell to focus on the technical rather than the administration aspects of your moulding or tooling project.


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