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“A successful plastic moulding project requires planning and detailed project management.”

plastic moulding, plastic injection molding

We are flexible in our approach by offering injection moulding solutions to suit the client. plastic moulding plastic injection molding

Far Eastern Sources:

  • Liondell suppliers have a wide range of moulding machines ( Horizontal & Vertical) which are dedicated to mould trialing.  However, should larger or other special machines be required we use the best local trial shops.
  • We ensure that the clients tools are processed correctly on presses with the correct clamp force.
  • Full trial reports and videos are supplied as standard.


We have partner moulding companies who can provide parts either as a temporary or long-term solution to our clients production requirements.

 If the production site is in another part of the world, we can deliver your fully approved tooling package direct to the factory.

Plastic Injection Moulding services, also can include:

  • Batch production of Parts from ‘The Far East’.
  • Mould Tool Trials in the UK
  • Raw Material Sourcing
plastic injection molding