Tool Design | Mould Design Services

UK Based subcontract mould tool design / mould design

Liondell offers a stand-alone mould design service for global toolmaking clients.

  • Subcontract tools designed to clients exact specifications / preferences.
  • Any size of tool and all levels of design complexity quoted.
  • Component DFM issues addressed in a consise report or revised CAD model as part of the service.
  • 30 years design and manufacturing experience.
  • Client Confidentiality Assured.
  • Upfront fixed price costing.

Subcontract Moldflow Reports

Liondell can provide Moldflow or Moldex3D reports from UK or Far Eastern sources.

If tool compensation is required then this can be designed into the tool based on STL files generated by the Moldflow simulations. Many successful results have been accomplished using this method.



Product Design Support

  • Full Design Services for mould tools using latest CAD software.
  • 3D Mould Tool Simulations.
  • On-site Client visits for Product Design and Plastic Moulds Design and Feasibility agreements.

3D Printing

If a client needs a quick prototype in production representative materials, samples can be printed in a variety of polymers.

Liondell use an offshore facility for this service offering very favorable costs and lead-times when compared to UK suppliers.