mold making, mould tools and moulding services from approved toolmakers

“Liondell provide consistent quality, pricing levels and lead-times from capable and trusted companies.”

High qu

ality Plastic mould tools from trusted toolmakers – Global mold making sites

  • Certified Tool Steel Grades.
  • Genuine Standard Mould Components where specified.
  • Moldflow and DFM analysis for all mould tools in the project before mold making process starts.
  • Each Mould Tool is fully checked at least twice before delivery.
    1. Pre-despatch Mould Tool checks in country of origin with photo based report comparing clients Mould Tool Specifications to the actual.
    2. Pre-delivery Mould Tool checks in the destination country to make sure that the Mouldings produced are acceptable first time.
  • Shot & Lifetime Warranties supplied.

Hybrid inserts for fitting into standard bolster sets or repair of mould tools

  • This option can be used for repairs, modifications or new tooling where the mould base is made locally and inserts supplied through Liondell.
  • The key benefits for the client is that Moulding trials can be completed in their home country and ‘complete mould tool’ transportation costs & duties are avoided.

Quality moulded product from short pre-production runs, to long running moulding contracts

  • Overseas tooling intended for import or to stay in the country of origin for part production.

Recent Tooling Examples